Banana Mocha Hemp Smoothie


Before I tell you how to make this wonderful icy drink, there is a backstory. Until a few weeks ago I never drank coffee. I tried it a couple times and didn’t like the taste. I always loved the smell of coffee, just not the taste. Now, my husband LOVES coffee! And he has tried to convert me numerous times to the dark side with no avail. He thought that when we had our kids and I was lacking sleep when they were infants that I would start drinking coffee. Nope! Then he thought surely when I was in nursing school and staying up late studying and still getting up early to get the kids ready for school that I would start. Nope! Instead it was one random day I tried it again and discovered that I actually like it now. Who would’ve thought?! And just in time for me to start working 3rd shift as a RN too. ?

One morning this week he asked if I wanted a cup before he took the rest to work. I said “Sure!” But then I decided to exercise first since the kids were still asleep and by the time I was done with my Tone It Up videos I was quite warm and not interested in a hot drink anymore. That’s when I thought up this recipe. I knew that chocolate, PB and banana taste awesome together and I had already discovered in my short time of drinking coffee how amazing chocolate and coffee are together. So I decided to try mixing them all together. I added a scoop of hemp protein powder too for an added protein boost. The result is an icy and tasty beverage. Perfect for the hot summer mornings!


1 ripe banana

4 oz. black coffee with 5 ice cubes

4 oz. unsweetened or reduced sugar almond milk

2 tbsp. PB2 with Chocolate

1 scoop of hemp protein powder

Add all the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy!


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