End of Summer Vegetable Recipe Collection

end of summer

I can’t believe it’s near the end of summer already! Tomato plants are heavy with red, yellow and orange fruit, eggplants and peppers are prolific, and zucchini… well let’s just say they are taking over the garden, house and kitchen! In honor of this glorious time I’ve collected some end of summer recipes to use up the bounty that you have available now, plus some surprise recipes to ease the boredom of those veggies…


Our season this year for tomatoes has been amazing in the Pacific Northwest! This year my friend and I canned tomato sauce since the tomatoes were so cheap from the local farms and SO good. Plus there are so many recipe options for tomatoes – whether you eat them fresh or save them for winter. I even freeze whole tomatoes in ziploc bags and use them sliced up in the winter!

Summer Squash

The old joke goes like this – how can you tell the gardeners from the non-gardeners? Because the gardeners are the ones drinking the zucchini margaritas.

If you’re overrun with summer squash, don’t worry you don’t have to make margaritas to use them up (unless you want to), try some of these delicious recipes below!


I never was a big eggplant lover until I learned to cook them correctly. Now I really love them! Try these recipes for a new take on this weird shaped vegetable:


bell peppers


It’s hard NOT to love fruit this time of year, and there are so many options! Even the spring fruits are still producing here in Oregon…

  • Balsamic Fig Jam – I am going to go rob a fig bush in my neighbor’s yard now! I need to make this!
  • Rhubarb Mousse and Compote – I always associate rhubarb with spring, but here in Oregon they are still producing! I love this post because it gives 4 different options for rhubarb all in one page.
  • Fruit Scrap Vinegar – I bet you never thought you could make your own vinegar, from fruit scraps and water! Well yes you can… and it’s good too! Maybe not quite as good as pure apple cider vinegar, but still good. AND you use something that you would just throw on the compost pile otherwise.
  • How to Make Applesauce – the apples are coming in here in Oregon, even though it’s still summer! Here’s a good way to use them all year round…
  • Stewed Strawberries – this simple berry dessert is so classy yet so easy, it’s great for guests or even just the family.
  • Peach Cobbler – what would end of summer be without peach cobbler?? This recipe uses sprouted flour for health and ease.

Other Veggies / Herbs


Sing this to the tune of ‘My favorite things’ from Sound of Music – “Basil and carrots and onions in butter. Parsnips and quinoa with roasted bell pepper. Simple beet soup topped with real sour cream. These are a few of my favorite things”…

Did we miss any end-of-summer recipes that you make every year? Please let us know in the comments!

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