Homemade DIY Liquid Foundation

Try this two-ingredient liquid foundation for preservative-free, non-toxic coverage. thesproutingseed.com

It’s your face.

Everybody sees it and you want to look your best, right? There’s billion dollar industry out there to make that happen, but there’s a cost.

Liquid foundation is helpful to even out skin tone and cover imperfections, but smoothing on a foundation full of toxic ingredients does your body a lot more harm than good.

The Real Cost

Just the other day I caught up with a friend and successful marketing manager for a major beauty corporation. She was telling me all sorts of crazy stuff about how cosmetic companies sometimes lose control of their supply chains. They outsource to different countries where they have no idea what is going in their products. The loss of control is traded for lower production costs, but the greatest cost comes by our health. She markets those products, but even she refuses to use them.

Did you know?

Over 10,000 unique chemical ingredients are found in personal care products. Some of these chemicals are now suspected cancer-causers and are thought to harm the reproductive system and endocrine system. (You need those!)

I love make up–I always have–but not at the expense of my health. Over the years, I’ve worked towards trading my conventional beauty products for more natural alternatives. There are lines available now that offer products made with “organic” and “naturally-derived” including liquid foundation, but most liquid foundations need unhealthy, synthetic preservatives to keep bacteria from growing.

A Great Alternative

So what’s a girl to do? Mineral make-up is a great alternative. It’s shelf-stable, preservative-free and guess what?! It works GREAT! I was looking around for ideas and came across Coco’s Well foundation post. I’ve been using this liquid foundation for the past month and LOVE it. It’s easy to apply, feels light-yet has great coverage, and I’ve been incredibly happy with the color match for my skin.

How to Make Homemade DIY Liquid Foundation

1. Use high-quality, non-toxic face lotion. (I use doTERRA’s skin care line)

2. On a clean plate mix together a little less than a dime-sized dollop of face lotion with equal parts high-quality mineral make-up. (Make sure the mineral make-up does not contain fillers.) (For less coverage use less mineral powder, for more coverage use more mineral powder.)

3. Using your finger tips or foundation brush, apply the thoroughly-mixed foundation to the face.

4. Let the foundation dry and set.

*Liquid foundation usually contains preservatives to prevent bacterial and mold growth. Because this foundation contains no preservatives, it must be mixed each day prior to use.

xo, Allison

Try this two-ingredient liquid foundation for preservative-free, non-toxic coverage. thesproutingseed.com #beauty #makeup #nontoxicmakeup #preservativefree

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